It is forbidden to send

It is forbidden to send

Remember - there are some items and things that cannot be sent using our services, so please familiarize yourself with the prohibited items listed below before placing an order.

Our cooperation partners do not accept any materials and products that may be dangerous or pose a threat to employees during transshipment. It is the sender's responsibility to know and comply with the existing regulations and laws in each country. Not all products can be shipped to certain countries.

It is forbidden to send:

  • weapons and weapon parts
  • tear and nerve gas balloons
  • explosive, flammable and dangerous substances, including firecrackers, lighters, aerosols
  • gasoline, solvents, matches
  • toxic and radioactive substances
  • biological substances that are dangerous from the point of view of the spread of infections
  • narcotic and psychotropic substances and medicinal preparations containing them
  • acids
  • lithium batteries and accumulators
  • perishable food products, including fruits, vegetables, berries, eggs, milk and its products
  • living organisms, animals, birds, fish, insects, except silkworms, bees and leeches
  • plants and seedlings
  • money, coins, banknotes and any kind of securities (cheques)
  • tobacco and tobacco products with nicotine-containing substances, including e-cigarettes, alcohol products and other excise goods above the legally prescribed amount.
    As well as there are many other goods that are forbidden to send. If you have any doubts about a shipment, please consult us by phone. 28 255 533.

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