Some tips - how to pack your shipments more correctly.

We ask you to pack your shipment in such a way that it does not break, break, or get damaged during transportation. Also, the shipment must not endanger our employees and must not damage other shipments. It is recommended to clearly and legibly write the recipient's phone number and address on the package.

* Packaging material -

choose depending on the size and shape of the object. Corrugated cardboard, polyethylene, boxes and cardboard boxes can be used. If you want the product's original packaging to remain intact and not have the necessary marks made on it during the transfer, pack the product in one more layer. It is very important that the package is durable and does not fall apart.

* Pack Size -

it must be suitable for the content of the shipment. In a package that is too large, the contents of the package may move, break, tear or be damaged. Also, you should not choose a package that is too small, it may be damaged. The contents of the shipment must not protrude beyond the package.

* The need to use additional material -

if you want to be sure that the contents of the package will not be damaged, always use some fillers. Special granules and bubble wrap packaging can be used as suitable material. Paper can also be used for lighter shipments.

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